My name is Irina Ges. I was born in Riga, Latvia, on March 15th 1976. Currently living and working in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Life is my inspiration, because deep meaning is everywhere and it is magical. Miracles are around us. I am confident that everyone can make a wonderful life.

I have already realized myself as a woman, as a mother, as a wife and as a businesswoman and now I have opportunities, time and a great desire to realize myself in creativity and do what I love.

I thank life, that I can do what I love now. I am grateful to my parents for my set of genes and creativity. And I am grateful to you for your love of creativity and for your interest in my work.

Creating art is like an exercise for the soul. A philosophical approach which allows and encourages full freedom of expression. I combine painting and sculpture which is exhilarating. I love playing with texture, colour, lines – allowing the work to create itself through me, whatever the medium. Sometimes there is a plan, more in the form of an intention to express from a certain space or with a certain goal and then there is often a resulting series of paintings or drawings. The process is most often deeply meditative. I hope you are transported by my art to places you didn’t expect to go and that you experience some form of resonation, self-recognition as I believe the deepest, truest me is the same as the deepest, truest you.
Media: acrylics, textured pasta, gyps.

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