“Seascape” 35x70cm painting (2021) Parduotas

“Seascape” 35x70cm painting (2021) Parduotas


“Seascape” painting (2021)
Size 35×70 cm
Acrylic painting on canvas

Many people love the sea and everything connected with it since childhood. Sea and ocean surf cannot be compared to the flow of a river. It gives some kind of peace to the soul, brings it into harmony with the surrounding world. The sea or ocean in its grandeur always corresponds to the mood of the person standing on the shore, even if a storm is raging or calm.
Of course, if you live on the shore, you don’t need to go far. It is enough to look out the window and here it is – next to it. Exciting, alive … But what to do if the sea is far away, if you can see it at best once a year during your vacation? The answer suggests itself – of course, buy a painting, or rather a seascape. It is a painting, not a reproduction or a photograph. After all, only an artist can bring a particle of soul and mood into the image, and the texture of the colors will convey the volume of the wave.
An energetic domineering soul will be able to find for itself the raging elements of the sea, storm waves, the surf furiously beating against the rocks, a thunderstorm over the ocean. A creative person will receive inspiration, and those who love to create will receive strength for new achievements.

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