size: 120x80cm

(sculpture pasta, acryl, canvas)

texture painting

This artwork is about the unification of the masculine and feminine in a person. What an amazingly incredible power and sense of harmony a person finds when he has accepted and loved the inner man and woman. The man who is able to unite inside himself masculine and feminine becomes holistic, unique and accepts himself wholly and completely. This person is able to love and accept other people as they are. He is in harmony with himself and the world around him.

CREATION: The painting, was made in one breath with great inspiration. The texture is made of sculptural paste and covered with 2 layers of high-quality soil, so it is very durable and reliable. The artwork was painted with acrylic and covered with a special varnish. This painting is without framing because the edges are painted. The artwork includes a Certificate of Authenticity. I sign my paintings on the back, but if I wish, I can sign the front side. All rights reserved. Delivery is usually through DHL All rights reserved. Delivery is usually through DHL

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