” AUTUMN” 90x90cm, texture painting (2021) Dabar parodoje

” AUTUMN” 90x90cm, texture painting (2021) Dabar parodoje

“Autumn” texture painting on canvas ( 2021)

size: 90×90 cm

(sculpture pasta, acryl)

Bright, warm, mobile, flying in the wind, changing, refined, joyful, sunny, lively, energetic, filling, warming, pushing, invigorating, unique.

CREATION: The painting, was made in one breath with great inspiration. The texture is made of sculptural paste and covered with 2 layers of high-quality soil, so it is very durable and reliable. The artwork was painted with acrylic and covered with a special varnish. This painting is without framing because the edges are painted. The artwork includes a Certificate of Authenticity. I sign my paintings on the back, but if I wish, I can sign the front side. All rights reserved. Delivery is usually through DHL

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